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September 25, 2015 6:59 PM

Dolphins Cancer Challenge Partners with haku


Since 2010, the Dolphins Cancer Challenge (DCC) has played a significant role in fundraising for the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. Each year, DCC hosts a tri-county cycling ride and a 5K run/walk, bringing thousands of eager participants from all over Florida.

Here’s the run-down. In 2015, DCC was able to raise $4.65 million for Sylvester, all for cancer research. DCC has been able to increase their total donations by over a million each year! Since their inaugural event, the DCC has successfully raised over $11.55 million – talk about big bucks for a great cause! The Dolphins Cancer Challenge guarantees that 100 percent of every dollar raised by participants goes directly to Sylvester.

How have they been so successful? Well, besides being affiliated with our beloved Miami Dolphins, part of DCC’s accomplishments comes from individual and team fundraising. In order to participate, each person must meet a mandatory fundraising goal (depending on which ride they choose). Although it is a requirement, participants enthusiastically commit to the challenge.

With the sixth annual challenge coming up, DCC expects a record-breaking year. DCC has partnered with haku in order to grow their organization even further. Since DCC is so dedicated to raising money for cancer research, they plan to take full advantage of haku’s user-friendly fundraising platform to make the fundraising process easier.

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“We are proud to work with such an amazing organization. We hope that with the help of our simpler fundraising application, DCC will raise even more money for cancer research,” said Carlos Escobar, CEO and founder of haku. With this smarter system, each participant can share a personal fundraising page using Facebook and Twitter – right from haku. This platform will also allow participants to send targeted emails to potential donors while tracking every aspect of their campaigning success, including all donations generated. By participants knowing where exactly their donations are coming from, they will be able to focus their fundraising efforts on the sources that reel in the most donations for them.

We sat down with Jennifer Dewitt, DCC’s Director of Communications & Corporate Team Development, to ask a few questions about DCCVI and her thoughts about implementing haku for fundraising and registration for this year’s ride.

Q. Which haku features has your organization used the most?

A. The connection between the registration and fundraising platforms is critical for our success. Also, we love how user friendly the entire platform is for our participants and for us.

Q. How do you think using haku will grow and improve your event?

A. We wanted the simplest and most user-friendly platform for our participants. Our hope is that they will be able to leverage the outreach features to raise even more money.

Q. What are you most excited about for this year’s event?

A. Growing our number of participants and encouraging them to beat their fundraising minimum. Everyone has the power to fight cancer and we are thrilled to be a way for people to take action and fight back.

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