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September 20, 2016 9:32 PM

haku Announces Partnership with Track Shack Events

trackshackMiami, FL, September 21, 2016 — haku, the most innovative and fastest-growing event management platform, has announced its partnership with Track Shack Events, the premier event production company in Orlando, FL. Track Shack hosts 14 events with over 50,000 active participants. These events range from half  marathons to the greatly anticipated IOA Corporate 5K that will host over 18,000 participants in 2017. Rather than using various registration platforms to cover their needs, like they had done before, Track Shack Events took initiative to streamline the way they manage and execute their events, their marketing efforts, database management, and corporate registration, and found haku offers a single and best solution for all of these needs.

Jon Hughes, co-owner and president of Track Shack and industry leader, said, “After vetting several online registration providers and trying out haku for some of our local races, we found the platform to be user friendly for our customers which is a top priority. In addition, we appreciate the other demographic targeting services and community building features.  We have found haku’s products and service to meet our company’s unique event management needs.”

Track Shack has also taken full advantage of haku’s powerful marketing tools, which allow them to easily create targeted email and social media campaigns to their running community to attract and grow their participant base.

“haku offers so many great features. We love being able to create unique campaign links to track conversions, something we couldn’t do in the past,” Annie Thompkins, Track Shack’s registration manager said. “We would also describe haku’s customer service as excellent! They are always available to work with us on all our unique needs.”

For fundraising events, Track Shack participants will now be able to rally friends and family to donate towards multiple charitable causes using innovative fundraising tools and personalized fundraising pages.

“We are very excited about our strengthened partnership with Track Shack.” said haku’s CEO and Founder Carlos Escobar. “Track Shack is the type organization that is intensely focused on participant experience and embracing new and cutting edge technology to power their products and services. We look forward to helping Track Shack not only continue, but accelerate their history of high growth in the endurance community.”

About haku:

haku’s innovative online registration and event management software offers organizers unique features to easily manage, promote, and sell out their events. An industry first Participant CRM provides advanced analytics and actionable insights to better engage participants and drive registrations.

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