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February 26, 2015 8:18 PM

ZooRun5K increases registration by 1000 with haku as technology partner

haku-zoo-run-5kBaptist Health South Florida is one of the Miami area’s most respected, valued healthcare institutions. So when West Kendall Baptist Hospital partnered with the Zoological Society of Florida and Zoo Miami to launch a new annual family health event – the Tommy Hilfiger ZooRun5K & Kidz Medical Services ZooKidsDash – they aimed to give the local community the best possible race experience for their registration dollars.

West Kendall Baptist Hospital and Zoo Miami held the first ZooRun5K in September 2013 and by all measures it was a success, garnering approximately 3,000 participants for a fun race around the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens. But the West Kendall Baptist Hospital team found that the event management and registration software they used in 2013 left some things to be desired, as it lacked some functionality that could help them optimize event planning and execution.

“We needed something more flexible,” says Jason Bell, Baptist’s Manager of Medical Education & Special Projects and a key organizer of the ZooRun5K. “On the organizational side, we had a lot of needs when it came to data entry and reporting that weren’t met last year.”

Jason conducted a search for a new technology partner for the 2014 ZooRun5K, seeking a technology partner that could help them simplify data management without placing more administrative burdens on their event staff. He found that partner in haku.

“Right out of the box, haku had most of the features we were looking for,” says Jason.

haku’s performance-analysis tools provided major value to the ZooRun5K team as they planned the November 2014 event:

  • Real-time updating of participant lists and registration revenue numbers
  • Seamless data reporting and exporting
  • Simplified tracking of event finances and budgets

But the haku team understands that every event organizer has a unique set of requirements, so the ‘out-of-the-box’ features weren’t all they had to offer to make the ZooRun5K an even bigger success.

“haku was able to build us the more specific data management functionality we needed so that we didn’t have to create work-arounds in-house”, says Jason.

Additionally, the haku system provided an enhanced experience to the 2014 ZooRun5K race community through more efficient, accessible registration.

“We received tremendous, frequent feedback from our participants this year on how easy it was to sign up on their phones,” says Jason. “That was a huge value for them. Not only could they register on their phones, they could register multiple people on mobile device all at the same time.”

With haku as their technology partner, the ZooRun5K team received over 1000 more registrants for the 2014 ZooRun5K than for the 2013 event. With a registration total of approximately 4,000 people, the ZooRun5K & Kidz Medical Services ZooKidsDash raised over $150,000 to benefit West Kendall Baptist Hospital and the Zoological Society of South Florida. Jason and his team look forward to more continued success with haku in the years to come.

“We were totally satisfied with haku and I would absolutely recommend haku to other event organizers,” says Jason.

“On top of a great software product, haku is a great team.”

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