10 Ways To Increase Registrations For Your Virtual Run

Written by Cody Beavers

Hosting a virtual event? Here are 10 ways to increase event registrations to keep your virtual event and endurance community growing.

Social Media

Social media is an event organizer’s best friend. With millions of active users, utilizing the social channel in an effective manner can easily increase your registrations. Create unique and original organic content to spread information and generate awareness about your virtual event.

Participant Referrals

Encouraging participants to recruit family and friends is a great way to grow registrations for your virtual event. To encourage participant referrals, create a participant referral reward system. This provides an incentive for participants to get others to sign up and increases your event turnout.


By teaming up with an influencer and offering them free entry or merchandise in exchange for a post about your virtual event, you can significantly increase awareness and purchase intent. Furthermore, if an influencer announces that they’ll be participating in your virtual event, their dedicated followers will flock to register because it raises the authenticity. Collaborating with an influencer that enjoyed your virtual run may result in them coming back!