A Glimpse At Some of Our Favorite 2020 Marketing Campaigns

Written by Cody Beavers

With digital marketing continuing to evolve, along with the growth of emerging social media platforms, many 2020 campaigns proved to be highly innovative and impactful for their communities. From hosting virtual events to optimizing social media tactics, many brands found a way to market their products and engage with their followers last year. 

Here are a few of our favorite campaigns and marketing moves from 2020!

IKEA Goes From Print to Digital

Instead of its iconic 200-page catalog, IKEA decided to transition its print version to Pinterest. The switch to Pinterest gave the catalog a longer life span and more ways their community can shop products. IKEA also built a questionnaire on the platform to help personalize the user experience!

Travel With Expedia

One of the hardest-hit industries in 2020 was travel which caused many brands to go dark in terms of their marketing efforts. Expedia took a proactive approach and created an advertisement that gave its community an optimistic look at the future. Instead of fading back, Expedia’s campaign shined and will hopefully stay top-of-mind for many travelers when the pandemic is over.

J&A’s Dog Days of Summer

Since most people were social distancing during the summer, J&A Racing wanted to keep its community active and engaged. By partnering with VBSPCA (Virginia Beach's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), they were able to host an amazing virtual event with unique medals while supporting the furry friends who have been supporting us throughout 2020!