Become A LinkedIn Marketing Expert With These Tips

Written by Cody Beavers

While recent social media attention has been on Instagram and Tiktok, LinkedIn has been continually growing its platform to now more than 750 million users! And as more Gen Z professionals enter the workforce, the user base will only continue to grow. 

Here are a few organic ways you can tap into the world’s largest professional social network and market your brand for success.

Engage Your Employees

Transform your employees into brand ambassadors on LinkedIn by encouraging them to engage with your posts and share content to their networks. If your brand is relatively new on LinkedIn, this strategy helps drive traffic to your Company Page and acquire new followers. 

Re-Share Your Top Content

If you’re running out of content ideas, consider re-sharing your top-performing posts from the past. Due to LinkedIn’s strict social media algorithm, only a small percentage of your followers have probably seen your posts in the feed. A lot of great content on LinkedIn is evergreen, so the chances of your recycled content performing well in the future are likely.

Be Active With Your Company Page

According to LinkedIn, once your Company Page reaches 150 followers the opportunity for growth becomes exponential. Consider filling out your entire Company Page to drive traffic and become more reputable on the platform. Your logo, company description, website URL, company size, industry, company type, and location are important areas not to leave blank.

By being consistent with your LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can grow your brand while potentially enticing top talent to come work for you. Consider making sure that your core company values shine and show LinkedIn why you’re a leading organization.