Build Your Brand Through Storytelling

Written by Cody Beavers

Crafting a powerful story for your brand can help drive brand awareness and registrations for your events. It can also break through the online noise and grab the attention of your prospective customers. That’s why some of the most memorable brands have mastered the art of storytelling to sell their products and grow their community.

Here are some quick tips that can help you tell a meaningful story for your brand.

Show Transformation

Transformation can be a strong storytelling technique to show your brand’s direct impact on your community members. Consider finding a participant who has gone through a transformation by attending your events and telling their story through a blog post or social media. Telling a story that creates empathy can build authenticity and loyalty for your brand.  

Go Behind The Scenes

An honest behind the scenes story can humanize your brand and allows prospective customers to form a relationship with it. Try telling a story that sheds light on certain aspects of your organization, such as how you prepare for an event or a day in the life of a volunteer.

Utilize Data

Data helps align your story with what your community wants from your organization. Consider creating a survey to get a more detailed look at your customer data to identify any pain points your customers are facing. Once identified, create a story that shows how you can solve that pain point for them.