Drive Fundraising Success With These Features

Written by Cody Beavers

As an event organizer, fundraising can be one of the most important parts of your event. Between attracting donors, partnering with charities, creating engagement opportunities, and planning marketing initiatives, there’s a lot to be done!

That’s why having powerful fundraising features is a must for any organization. There are many features and solutions that can boost your fundraising efforts, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites that can help strengthen your fundraising strategy.

Data Segmentation

Being able to segment and easily understand your data can be crucial when building your fundraising campaign. As you begin collecting data on your fundraisers and donors, start thinking about ways you can segment it to learn more. A few ideas to get you started are donation size, frequency, location, and age. From there you can send out personalized email campaigns, create engaging content and find relevant sponsors.

Social Media 

One of the most attractive benefits about social media is the ability to bring your community together to share ideas and accomplishments. Promoting the use of a hashtag among your community can help you curate organic content. Consider incorporating a social wall where your participants and fundraisers can view everything that’s being posted to social media through the event hashtag. This is an excellent feature to drive a sense of community and excitement. 


A popular aspect in fundraising is to provide contests and challenges that’ll provide a fun and engaging way to keep your participants motivated. Consider posting a leaderboard on your fundraising page so your donors can see where they stand among their peers to generate friendly competition. You can also reward the top fundraisers with online badges that can be seen on their individual fundraising pages!

With the right haku fundraising features, you can reach more people, increase donations, and drive a bigger impact for your community and your cause!