Drive Sponsorships With These Online Placement Opportunities

Written by Cody Beavers

In a recent survey done by Running USA, more than half of endurance organizations who responded said that they lost sponsorships in 2021. To help drive value for your current sponsors and create new partnerships, consider capitalizing on some online real estate.

Here are a few sponsor placement ideas you can utilize for your next event. 

Live Streams

Your event’s live stream can be an excellent way to showcase a sponsored product or give out a discount code. Specific streaming platforms, such as Twitch, allow popup advertising to incorporate additional branding opportunities.

Sponsored Q&A Sessions

Hosting a Q&A before your event can be the perfect way to raise awareness for your event and your sponsors. Consider leveraging a sponsored Q&A session with social media influencers who will be attending your event. Influencer channels can also be a great way to promote your Q&A and give your sponsors more exposure.

Incorporating Milestones

Reward and motivate your participants by creating sponsored milestones throughout the course, such as unlockable sponsorship discounts and products. Utilizing sponsored milestones to differentiate your event can open up new sponsorship opportunities too!

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