Event Changed Options

Written by Natalia Perez

Because unique situations arise causing the need to cancel or postpone your event(s), haku has released a new feature that now allows you to collect participant preferences on how to handle their specific registration. Meet the new Event Changed Options feature. 

This feature allows you to communicate directly with your participants who have registered for a specific event and collect actionable data on their unique registration change preferences. 

Set up your registration options with the help of your customer experience representative. These options will allow your participants to select a preference on how they’d like you to handle their registration (ex. refund registration, defer your entry) based on the changes occurring for your event.

The “Event Changed” page language and options are completely customizable and will be branded to your event’s theme (if your events are currently branded). You can also direct your participants to their participant accounts so that they can choose from any self-service options available (ex. defer registration).

Develop a dedicated email to your participants requesting a response on how to handle their current event registration based on the options you have pre-determined. 

Gather data and take action on unique responses. Each participant’s response will be captured within the participant extract and can also be viewed and edited within each registration profile for ultimate visibility.

To learn more about the new Event Changed Options feature or to implement for your organization, please reach out to your customer experience representative.