Excel on Twitter With These Tips

Written by Cody Beavers

Through short and to-the-point content, Twitter is a great place to raise awareness for your organization and events quickly. With 145 million daily active users and still growing, Twitter is one platform you should have in your marketing strategies.

Check out these tips to help grow your brand on Twitter.

Long-Form Tweets

Create Twitter threads to expand your tweets and compile more information into one place. To create a Twitter thread, use the “Add another tweet” option under your previous tweet to tie together as many tweets as you want. Twitter threads work well for thought leadership content, allowing you to establish your brand as a source of knowledge and inspiration. 

Create A Consistent Voice

Consistency is key on Twitter. If you develop your own recognizable voice on Twitter, your organization can build a loyal community as well as create highly engaging content. 

Answer Questions

Monitor your related hashtags carefully on Twitter and jump in regularly to provide help, advice, and event recommendations. This one takes time, but it can generate high engagement, traffic to your website, and even brand ambassadors. 

There’s much more to Twitter than the 280-character limit. It’s all about creativity and experimentation. If you come up with your own voice and commit to it, you will likely discover that Twitter could become one of your top marketing channels.