Guerrilla Marketing Tactics To Promote Your Event

Written by Cody Beavers

While traditional marketing has its place when you’re promoting your events, it is important to experiment with other marketing tactics to help keep your brand awareness fresh. Guerrilla marketing is a great way to break through the noise and create viral moments with limited spending. 

Here are a few ways you can run a successful guerrilla marketing campaign. 

Build up your SEO through stock photos

Don’t let your in-person event photos sit on your computer for eternity. Instead, create an Unsplash account and upload your images along with descriptive keywords. You can then find out which websites are using your photos by uploading them to Google Images. Remember, Unsplash images are free to use so there’s no obligation for them to give you credit for the image. But ask politely, and most websites are happy to credit you. 


Gamify your virtual event  

Using gamification in your marketing strategy can help elevate the entire participant experience. Creating a real-world treasure hunt during an event that offers exclusive event clues can be a way of adding an element of exclusivity to the event while generating a buzz from those playing. Ideally, your participants will share on social media when they have found a clue or won a prize, which can encourage others to play along too! 


Make your sidewalk pop

Use chalk or temporary paint and tap into your inner Van Gogh, or hire a local artist to draw sidewalk designs at local running trails that embody the tone of your event.

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions can double up as a great fundraising idea while creating attention around your sponsors and your brand. Offer items relating to your event, such as a specialized sponsor goodie bag or signed products from professional athletes. This can help raise awareness of your event once your sponsors and signees start giving shoutouts on social media or in the press.


Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive; it just needs to be smart. Using these guerrilla marketing tactics, you can create many viral victories before, during, and after your event.