haku Participates in DEIA Training Session to Improve Organizational Practices

Written by Luis Estrada

In early February, haku took steps to further our commitment to improving our approaches to DEIA through a seminar series led by Shawn Moore, President and Chief Coach of Fundamental Coaching and Consulting and Chief of Staff for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Ross Stores.

“We cannot just be okay with promoting DEIA as a company. We have to be educated about it and champion for it,” said Samary Rodriguez, haku Director of People Experience.

The sessions provided our team with new skillsets to better invest in and execute on our core values. In the workshop we dove into topics like:

  • Authentic approaches to DEIA
  • Equitable and accessible hiring practices
  • Diversity in decision making
  • Exploring unconscious bias and microaggressions
  • Allyship in the workplace

Software Engineer Mariely De La Cruz said that the training “opened my eyes to how we all come from different backgrounds and go through different experiences. I learned to be more mindful about the language I use and to become a better listener.”