How To Celebrate Diversity And Inclusivity In Your Content

Written by Cody Beavers

Having a multicultural strategy can be important in creating a more inclusive community and workplace. Utilize diverse content in your marketing to resonate with your audience and drive brand awareness.

Here are a few ways you can diversify your marketing content.

Incorporate Inclusive Language

To connect with your customers and evoke a positive sense of community, use inclusive language in your social media posts and ad copy. Phrases such as “happier together,” “coming together,” and “open-minded” can help convey diversity and build brand performance across your community.

Invest In Culturally Relevant Influencers

To reach underrepresented customers, consider investing in “culture-first” influencers across audio and social channels. By partnering with authentic and trusted influencers with diverse fan bases, your organization can reach a larger and more unique community. 

Utilize diversity-focused stock websites

Your customers might want to see themselves represented in the images they see in your media. Free stock photo sites that focus on creating more diverse images can help elevate empathy within your brand marketing. Check out Nappy and Canva’s Natural Women Collection to discover a more diverse selection of free stock images.

Diversity and inclusion can ensure that your organization is communicating in the best way to every member of your community, regardless of background.