How To Engage With Fundraisers on Social Media

Written by Cody Beavers

Recent surveys have shown that over half of people who engage with organizations on social media end up taking some sort of action. Over the past decade, social media has been the ideal place to support and share great causes.

When a fundraiser or donor engages with you on social media, it allows you to build a relationship with them and their community. However, social media engagement is more than just likes and comments. There are many ways that you can communicate and engage with your fundraisers on social media to support your cause.

Twitter Lists

Utilizing Twitter lists are helpful for engaging and growing your Twitter audience. If your fundraisers are active on Twitter, consider collecting them into a list. By having your fundraisers all on one feed you now have the ability to gather insights, track progress, and engage with them when the opportunity arises. You can also invite others to join the list by making the list public and sending invitations out via Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram Live Streams

Creating a live stream through Instagram allows your fundraisers and potential donors to ask questions and chat in real-time. Give your audience a heads up by publishing a social media post indicating the time you’ll be going live. To keep your viewers engaged, you can invite guests, host a contest in the chat, or go behind the scenes of your cause. 

Social Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are a great way to increase your engagement and get your cause to go viral. Twitter and TikTok are great platforms to host a challenge on because of the high visibility and engagement their hashtags receive. When creating a new hashtag challenge, make sure that there’s a clear and simple goal. The hashtag should be clever, easy to spell, and memorable. Make sure you include clear instructions on how you expect users to take action. 

Social Media can be an effective marketing tool for any organization that wants to easily create engaging content with the mission to fundraise. Utilize these tips to help make your fundraising campaign even more successful.