How to Write and Distribute an Event Press Release

Written by Cody Beavers

Like any other press release, an event press release has its own structure with room to add your creative spin to it. Most importantly, it must engage the reader and be able to propel the experience of your event right from the headline to the boilerplate. Keep in mind that an event press release does not have to look like a rigid announcement. Consider kickstarting a conversation in the mind of the reader by adding engaging angles and powerful insights.

Here are some tips to help you craft your next event press release:

Nail the 5 W’s

To give a little refresher, the “Who” is all about the demographics of your audience. The “Where” is the location of your event. The “When” sets the date(s) of your event. The “What” should demonstrate the details and purpose of your event. Finally, the “Why” should include your selling points and give the reader a persuasive reason to participate.

Write a Good Headline

Your headline is one of the most important aspects of your press release as it’s the first thing anyone will see. A well-crafted headline should immediately grab the reader’s attention. Your headline should be able to convey your main message, generate interest, and help trigger action immediately!

Get To The Point

While your high school English teacher would suggest that you make the first paragraph a summary, the pitfall in doing this in the press world is that you may quickly lose your reader’s attention. In turn, your call-to-action may get lost as well. Your first paragraph should be simple, punchy, and powerful. 

Have A Strong CTA

By adding a clear call-to-action to your event press release, you are telling your audience exactly what you want them to do. You can tell them to register for your event or add the date to their calendar. Include a link that will take them directly to your event website or registration page.

A Good Boiler Plate Matters

A boilerplate is usually the last paragraph in a press release. This is basically a summary of your organization, so it doesn’t need to be fancy. You can easily condense the “About Us” section of your website to easily convey who you are and what your organization does. 

Now that you’ve written an amazing press release, it's time to distribute it! Here are some powerful delivery channels you can use to ensure that your press release gets to the right contacts.

Comprehensive Media List

Having a curated media list that you can reach out to is excellent when you're targeting local distribution. Build your list through research on LinkedIn and noting the journalists who are publishing articles similar to your own across news sites. Be sure to record the name, position, and email of each press contact and update this information regularly, as editors often change job positions within companies.

Press Release Distribution Service

Dedicated distribution companies, such as PR Newswire and Endurance Sportswire, can also help distribute your press release for a fee. Some services will create a personalized media database based on your preferred audience and send your press release to the appropriate networks. 


LinkedIn is an excellent way to get your press release to go viral since it's easy for anyone to share and spark conversation. Since most LinkedIn users log on at some point during work hours, consider posting before noon. And don't forget the #hashtags to reach a larger audience!

Once you gain the media's attention, it is important that your organization is prepared for the extra attention that might be generated. Make yourself available to respond to follow-up questions or interview requests. Finally, make sure that your spokesperson is ready to rock!

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