Increase Your Email Deliverability With These Tips

Written by Jessica Butler

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers.  But if your recipients never get your emails, you’re wasting time and missing out on potential revenue. According to email service providers, about 10% of emails never make it to mailboxes or even the spam folder. We’re going to outline some best practices for maintaining high email deliverability that’ll help guarantee you reach your subscribers’ inboxes.

Don’t Buy Email Lists

It can be tempting to grow your subscriber base by buying an email list, but it can lead to trouble. Since the recipients on that list didn’t opt-in to receive your emails, the chances are high that they’ll mark your emails as spam. Spam reports can damage your sender reputation and impact your deliverability rate. 

Segment Your Email List

One of the best practices that should be used throughout your overall marketing strategy is segmentation. By segmenting your email subscribers based on interests, behavior, and demographics, you send emails that can better resonate with your readers. Higher email engagement correlates to higher deliverability scores. 

Clean up your subscriber list regularly

The longer you keep inactive subscribers on your email list, the more you risk damage to your deliverability. Providing a clear and easy way to unsubscribe from your emails also helps automate the process. 

Send valuable content

Email service providers will regularly check engagement metrics to protect their users from unwanted emails. If you’re sending out great content that your subscribers love, then ESPs will be happy to keep placing your email in the inbox.

Utilizing these email deliverability tips makes sure that your emails are getting delivered to the max number of readers. Combining these practices with great email designs can take your emails to new heights!