Marketing Strategies That You Can Learn From Gen Z Influencers

Written by Cody Beavers

With Gen Z's buying power surpassing $100 billion, the TikTok generation is clearly making their unique mark on the digital economy. Since their buying behaviors and habits are the future, it might be time to start looking at what your organization can learn from them to effectively market your future events to a younger audience.

Here are 3 marketing tactics that you can learn from Gen Z influencers to grab the attention of the next generation.

Amplify Your Story

Consider the weight that your brand story can have on your product or service. Having a narrative or unique brand voice for your organization can help your customers remember you when they're in the buying process. Gen Z influencers have been converting their fans through thought leadership and inspirational storytelling to bring their brand to life. You can do the same!

Be Persistent

Gen Z influencers haven’t been waiting for their audience to come to them, and neither should your organization. Plan to actively seek out potential customers and offer them value early on in the customer journey. Consider utilizing the chat feature on social platforms to target your desired market and don’t forget your call to action!

Engage On A Personal Level

At the end of the day, Gen Z is sensitive and they want to feel connected. Many Gen Z influencers have surprised their followers with a handwritten thank you note, stickers, or candy. However, as long as you engage with your audience on a personal level you’re on the right track. Hosting live sessions, sharing User Generated Content, asking for input, and expressing gratitude are all excellent ways to personalize the experience.