Marketing Tactics That Will Attract Gen X To Your Brand

Written by Cody Beavers

As a generation that’s caught in the middle of digital transformation and analog dependencies, Generation X, ages 41-56, can often be forgotten by brands that might be too focused on the more outspoken generations. However, it would be wise not to count this generation out. According to a recent study by Salesfloor, Gen X makes up 31% of the nation’s purchasing power. 

Here are some marketing tactics you can utilize to attract Generation X to your brand. 

Tap Into Their Nostalgia

From music to commercials, Gen Xers enjoy taking a trip down memory lane. Try to incorporate these feelings into your marketing channels. For example, create an 80’s themed video to promote one of your upcoming events or post a throwback photo from a previous event and encourage your Gen Xers to engage and share.

Advertise Through Audio

Did you know that 97% of Generation X listens to radio monthly? Gen X also accounts for about a third of Podcast listeners. Podcast apps such as Spotify have made it easier than ever to create ad campaigns and target them to the Gen X demographic. 

Tie-in Free Shipping With Your Email Marketing

Convenience tends to be an appealing factor for Gen X. Consider simplifying their purchasing decisions by offering free shipping and displaying it front-and-center in your email campaigns.