New Hire Spotlight: Haden McCarter

Written by Luisana Batchelder

Our haku team continues to grow! We welcome Haden McCarter, she is a recent graduate from Clemson University and just recently moved to Miami from South Carolina to join our team. Let’s get to know more about her.

What is your role with haku?

As the Sales and Marketing Coordinator for haku, I provide support in delivering new sales insights, analyzing and organizing new data, and collaborating with others to generate marketing for the platform.

What made you choose Marketing as a career path?

I chose a career in Marketing because I enjoy how fast-paced and strategic it is. I appreciate how marketing is a dynamic industry that is constantly updating and changing-there is always something new to learn and every day is different. I like the fact that with marketing, you get to connect with different people and help the company grow. I also really like the creative aspect of marketing with social media, graphic design, and user experience and how you are able to continue to think of the best ways to present the company and brand to clients.

Where do you envision your career in 5-10 years? 

In 5-10 years I would love to be a Marketing Manager of some sort!

What's something most people don't know about you?

Something most people don’t know about me is that I have my own YouTube channel and want to be YouTube famous someday. I also know some HTML and CSS and coded my own website this year before I graduated college.

What is something you have not yet crossed off your bucket list? 

I want to go on the show Survivor and win a million dollars.

Do you have anything you are afraid of or have a phobia - rational or irrational? 

I used to be afraid of quicksand and getting trapped in it but after watching a few survival shows like man vs wild I think I know how to escape it.

What is a fad or trend you would welcome back?

I would like the tie-dye trend to come back just because I have a lot of tie-dye shirts still and I could wear them more if the trend came back.

What are your favorite sports?

I used to play basketball and soccer but my favorite of the 2 is soccer. 

What has been a memorable life experience for you? 

A memorable life experience for me was studying abroad in Cuba in 2020. I was able to take classes at the University of Havana and play on a university soccer team in the Juegos Caribes which was a university-wide soccer tournament. My team made it to the championship game out of around 15 teams! It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back to visit. 

What would be the first thing you did if you won the lottery? 

I would give some to charity then travel to Cuba, Brazil, and Japan and stay in each country for a few months and try all of the different foods and events.

What is something you enjoy doing on a day off? 

I love going to the beach and having a picnic lunch-preferably birria tacos.


We are very excited to continue to expand our Sales and Marketing team! Want to explore an exciting career at haku? We’re growing our team and always looking for talented and outgoing individuals to add to our incredible haku family. Check out our openings here.