New Hire Spotlight: Jeanne Medina

Written by Luisana Batchelder

At haku, we pride ourselves on a diverse and unique collection of talent and personalities. Our newest member of the haku family is Jeanne Medina. She graduated from FIU with a Bachelor's in Public Relations and will graduate this Summer with a Masters in Mass Communication. She was born in Daytona Beach, FL but has lived in a few other places throughout her life. After living in New York City and Washington DC she decided to come back to Miami because she realized her love for warm weather, amazing food, and the overall Hispanic culture.

What's your role at haku?

As a Customer Experience Manager for Atlanta Track Club, I will focus on fostering the relationship between the Track Club and haku and ensuring we meet all their expectations!

How would you describe yourself to someone who’s never met you?

I would say I am very energetic, approachable, always smiling, and tend to have a very laid-back approach. But don’t be fooled I do have a very type A personality and everything in my life is written down in my agenda or Google calendar.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Mexico, nothing better than good weather, beaches, and yummy food!

What is a dream destination you haven’t been to?

Australia and yes I want to see kangaroos, all my dreams will come true if I can see a baby kangaroo in a mom's pouch.

What is an important lesson you’ve learned that helps you career-wise or personally?

Timing is key. Sounds simple and kind of silly but timing is truly key to success. In order to advance in your professional career or personal life it takes time and it’s ok to have your own timeline of success and growth.

What are some of your long-term career goals?

I would love to continue to work on the client side and work on building relationships. I would like to grow into a Director role and expand my knowledge with a team. I am very passionate about the endurance industry and hope to continue to grow in the industry.

What is something you enjoy doing on a day off?

I love to take a group fitness class whether it’s cycling or pilates, cuddle with my dogs, and enjoy some yummy takeout while binging on whatever new reality tv show is trending.

At haku, we have some great nicknames and stories behind them. Do you have a nickname and how did it start?

My family has always called me Cuqui, pronounced like a cookie. Apparently in Cuba my mom growing up had these dolls that were called Cuquis (I guess their version of Barbie dolls) and basically, that’s where they got my nickname from.


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