Promote Authenticity With User-Generated Content

Written by Cody Beavers

From Instagram pages of micro-influencers to TikTok stars, user-generated content (UGC) is everywhere. Authenticity has been a big factor leading up to the rise of UGC. With UGC, you are able to create a more genuine customer experience while saving money on things like photographers and stock photos to promote your event. These benefits make UGC a great marketing tactic for any organization.

Here are some ways you can discover and utilize UGC to drive engagement for your upcoming events. 

Go Beyond A Tweet 

Due to its fast-paced audience, Twitter can be a great place to find authentic UGC before, during, and after your event. However, instead of just retweeting or commenting on a tweet, consider screenshotting the tweet and creating an Instagram post. Soul Cycle has been doing a great job grabbing UGC from Twitter and using it to spark engagement on Instagram.

Replace Stock Photos With Genuine Moments

Instead of using stock photos or graphics on your website to promote your event, consider utilizing UGC from your previous events to promote it. Having UGC on your event page can generate a stronger sense of community and build credibility for your brand. 

Create A Contest

If you’re having trouble finding UGC, try creating a contest to get your community engaged. Challenge your community to post their favorite running spots. Winners get swag, and you get a wide variety of UGC to repost and share! 

Many members of your community are likely to create content if you simply just ask as the Marine Corps Marathon Organization did. Great job!

Do you have examples of memorable UGC that worked for your brand? We would love to see it! Tweet us at @hakuapp.