Software Release - 8/27/2020

Written by Natalia Perez

1. Driving Friendly Competition with Virtual Results Leaderboards

Engage your virtual participants by displaying a results leaderboard for your virtual events and challenges. Inside of the participant accounts, your participants will see a real-time top 10 list of athletes within the same race they are registered for.

Note: You can choose to either hide or display the leaderboard for each category in your event

2. Enhance the Event Experience with a Virtual Toolkit

Optimize your participants' experience and drive engagement throughout their event journey with the addition of a virtual toolkit. These toolkits live within the participant account and can include anything from documents to fun collateral, such as branded mile markers, finish line banners, sponsored cheer cards and more! Utilize the toolkit to its full potential and gets information to your participants more seamlessly by including important forms and instructional documentation for your event.

3. Incentivize your Fundraisers with Improved Fundraising Achievements 

Keep your fundraisers engaged and committed to their goals. This feature allows you to set up fundraising achievements, display earned achievements on the fundraising pages and accounts, and automatically send emails once your fundraisers have reached a new achievement goal. Find your fundraising achievement settings inside of the Fundraising settings of your event.

4. Send More Personalized Messages to your Participants using Results Loaded Status Filter

If your event is offering virtual results submission, now you'll be able to more easily target and personalize communications to participants based on their participation status. Remind participants to submit their results or send out event information to those who have submitted results already. 

5. Seamlessly Segment and Message Participants using the Cancellation Option Audience Filter

Canceling or changing your event? If you use our cancellation options page feature, you'll now be able to easily send more personalized messages to participants who have or have not chosen their cancellation option yet. This filter is perfect for sending reminders to participants to select a cancellation option before an approaching deadline.