Stay Ahead With Real-Time Marketing

Written by Cody Beavers

As the demand for customer attention across content channels continues to increase, it's important for your brand to act quickly and deliver quality content in a timely manner. Having a real-time marketing strategy is an excellent way to interact with your community while staying ahead on emerging trends.

Here are a few real-time marketing tactics you can begin implementing into your campaigns!

Be On The Lookout

Always be looking out for opportunities to engage with your customer. This can be done by simply setting up Google Alerts for whenever someone mentions your event or joining a marketing trends newsletter. Once you find an opportunity, jump on it with creative copy!

Test Different Times

Some of the most viral real-time marketing moments have occurred outside of regular business hours, such as Arby's tweeting Pharrel during the Grammys. Consider being more flexible with your communication timing to take advantage of engaging opportunities.

Set A Goal

For many brands, there's usually a saturation level when it comes to posting multiple times on the same topic. By setting a goal for the amount of real-time engagements you can be sure that you're not bombarding customers with content. Make sure to test what frequency works best for your audience.

Nailing a real-time interaction can skyrocket your brand to virality if done right, but keep in mind that not every moment needs an engagement. Pick your moments wisely.